Câu hỏi thường gặp

Content Sharing

From the mobile app, users and administrators can share directly to your agency’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. With the click of a button, a news article can be posted to your social media account(s). This automatically posts the title of the story and a direct link for users.

Direct Links

Menus and other features can be created to link users directly to phone numbers, online agency resources, online reporting options and other helpful self-service resources.

Email Forms

Create customized email forms for community members to connect directly with your agency.

News Feed

Create content and stories relating to news and public safety information. Administrators can create news articles and integrate video, pictures, and other interactive content to engage more members of the community.

Push Notifications

One of the most useful functions is the Admin Dashboard, is the ability to send and customize automated push notifications to users.


The Admin Dashboard will provide project statistics which includes number of downloads, time spent on the app, number of connections, page views and other data. This data is collected directly from Apple and Google Play. Please see the Data Security section for further details about what data is available on the Admin Dashboard.