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1. How to download PhilMoney APP? 

----- Go to APP store or Play store type PhilMoney and install -

2. What are your Services offered?

----- Bank to Bank / Pick Up & Door to Door

3. How much is the Service charge?

----- 200 ntd - all banks  / 300 ntd - Pick up  / 300 ntd - Door to Door

4. How much is the maximum amount per transaction?

----- 20,000 ntd per transaction  / 80,000 ntd per month

5. How to Register?

----- Click New? Create Account and fill up all information.

6. After succesful reviewed, how to Log-in ?

----- Just type your ARC no. or Mobile phone and password and click log in.

7. How to Remit money?

----- Click first the “Add Receiver” icon then type all the information of your receiver.

​----- Click the “Remittance” icon then proceed to send money.

8. Where can I Pay my Remittance?

----- 7-Eleven  / Family Mart / Hi-Life

9. How to Pay by Family Mart & Hi-Life ?

----- Give the Barcode receipt and money to the Cashier.

10. How to pay by 7-11 ?

----- Go to Ibon machine and scan the QRCode then give the receipt and money to the cashier.

11. Where can I check the  status of my Remittance?

----- Just click the “History” icon and you will see all your paid, unpaid and Expired transactions.

12. How long is the validity of the barcode?

----- 30 minutes 

13. Forgot Password?

----- Click the Forgot Password , type your Mobile number and Birthday, type the OTP you receive from your SMS and create New Password.

14. Why I can’t send money ?

----- Because your ARC is about to expired  ( you cannot remit money  15 days before the expiry date)

15. Where can I send again my new ARC for verification?

----- Just go to Setting icon then click the ARC Verification and upload your new ARC for verification.

16. How to Edit Password and Mobile number ?

----- Go to Setting , Profile, Edit password or Edit Mobile number.

17. Incase of any problem where can we contact you ?

------ FB Page :


Customer Service : 0906-116-345

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 02 - 2242 - 5511

7F No. 51, Section 4, Zhongyang Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236

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